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English Toffee
(Paul's favorite)

Recipe from Paul on behalf of Violet, his Mum

This recipe is one of my favorites. Mum would make it every Halloween and until it became unpopular to take home made candy it was also a favourite of the whole neighbourhood. It is an interesting recipe in that it comes out different every time.

1/2 lb. of butter
1 cup of corn syrup
3 cups of brown sugar
1 tin (6 or 8 ounces) of Carnation concentrated milk
Salt (just a bit)
1 Tablespoon rum or vanilla

Mix butter and syrup and sugar in a large pan and melt before adding milk.
Stir in milk slowly and bring to boil. Stir until it turns a deep brown and becomes thick.
Test for setting.
Take off boil and stir in rum and beat.
Put into 3 well greased pie plates.
Break into pieces with handle of knife.

You can also add nuts .... but it is better without (just our opinion).

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