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LadyBUG Salad
(Ray's Version)

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Recipe from Ray, as served at the 2007 BBQ

A tomato decorated like a ladybug

Makes 1 Lady BUG

8 canned black olives
2 green olives stuffed with pimento
1 lettuce leaf
1 tomato
2 chives
Salad dressing to taste


Slice black olives to create circles.
Place on paper towel to dry.
Cut green olives in slices.
Place on paper towel to dry.
Note: The olives will slide if they're wet.

Line small serving plate with lettuce.
Cut ½ to 1 inch off stem end of tomato.
Lay flat, cut side down.
Cut top third of tomato straight down to make head.
Make perpendicular cut on larger piece of tomato to look like wings and body.

Place tomato on top of lettuce.
Press black olive slices on wings.
Press green olive slices on head to make eyes.
Cut 1 black olive slice in half to create smiling mouth.
Cut 3 to 4 inches off tops of chives.
Wedge chive tops between head and body to create antennae.
(You'll have pieces of chive and olive left over.)

Serve with dressing alongside.

Original Recipe by Susan Sampson
Food Reporter
for The Toronto Star

Adapted from the California and Florida tomato commissions

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